Since our founding in 2005, our main focus has been the pursuit of excellence for our customers. The company has branches in Guangzhou and Hong Kong from roots in emerging markets, Fytco brings efficiency to supply chains in some of the world’s most challenging environments, offering unmatched personal service, a global footprint and customized capabilities in developed and emerging countries.

Co. Overview

Close Collaboration For Total Understanding Client Focused Consultancy

When you have a committed logistics partner planning and implementing a supply chain solution tailored to your specific needs, you have Fytco’s brand of Personal Service. As part of Fytco’s Lead Logistics Concept, our supply chain experts consult with you to understand your business goals and challenges, finding more innovative and cost-effective ways to bring your goods to market. Despite our global scale, we take a high degree of personal responsibility to ensure your success, striving to reduce inventory and supply chain costs, while improving your overall productivity.

Individual Supply Chain Solutions for a Changing World

With Fytco’s extensive experience and vast resources spanning numerous industries and countries, our experts are able to customize distinctive supply chain solutions for your specific business needs. Using a proven and scalable process and drawing from our large network of people, we can combine our freight forwarding products, Specialty businesses and logistics expertise to create solutions that accommodate the most dynamic and category-specific markets. Whether you require a Direct-to-Store, Vendor Managed Inventory and Origin Cargo Management solution, or an entirely customized approach, we provide the right process, equipment and tools as well as the personal attention to move your supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively .

A Seamless Multimodal Product for Combined Efficiencies

A Seamless Multimodal Product for Combined Efficiencies

Sea/Air Freight Ease

When you have a skilled freight management partner combining traditional modes of transport in order to offer a timely and cost-effective shipping alternative, you have Agility’s brand of Personal Service. We work closely with your business experts to get a thorough understanding of your supply chain requirements. By aligning our flexible Sea/Air Freight product with your precise needs for time, space, frequency and cost, we implement solutions that deliver meaningful results.

Our customer promise of personal service

We thrive on challenges and consistently go above and beyond for our customers. You can count on Fytco employees to tackle today’s uncertainties with the confidence that stems from their deep knowledge of local markets and their logistics expertise. Unmatched personal service sets us apart. Each one at F assumes a high degree of personal responsibility for your job; and we will not rest until that job is done to your satisfaction. We anticipate instead of react, and we follow through.

Behind every contract, supply chain solution, phone call and shipment is a personal relationship with our customer. Whether we are managing your entire supply chain or offering a specialized service, our ability to listen and learn before taking action is what makes our employees your partners and our solutions more effective.

Ocean Freight Management Expertise

Adaptable Products for Dependable Performance

Ocean Freight Ease

When you have Ocean Freight professionals matching frequent sailings and flexible service options to your specific business objectives, you have Fytco’s brand of Personal Service. Our freight management experts partner with you to learn your business first-hand. Equipped with an intimate understanding of your supply chain requirements, we pull from a range of standard Ocean Freight products and supplementary options to secure the space allocation, timing, frequency and rates that fit your precise objectives. Whether we need to reserve an oversize container or securely transport your high-value cargo, Fytco Ocean Freight specialists treat each shipment with the care and attention it takes to earn your trust.

Air Freight Expertise

Flexible Products and Options in Expert Hands

Air Freight Ease

When you have an experienced team of Air Freight specialists delivering on your daily priorities for time, space, frequency and cost, you have Fytco’s brand of Personal Service. We listen, learn and form a close partnership with you to identify your needs and understand your goals. Our standard Air Freight products and their customizable options bring added flexibility to your supply chain. Whether we’re taking extra measures for your sensitive cargo or giving you added supply chain visibility through our online tracking tools, Fytco Air Freight experts are looking to build your trust as they look after your cargo.

Product Sourcing Division

Sourcing in China faces many challenges, as well as opportunities, we help you to identify the opportunities, manage the risk, minimize the cost, secure the transaction and optimize your supply chain in China. It’s cheaper, it’s safer and easier! That is the value we can bring to your import business from China

Importing Goods from China

Why do you need us

On the surface, sourcing from China seems straight-forward. You search for a Chinese sourcing directory, find a supplier, submit a request, wait a while before the quotes come flooding in. Or do they?

Probably not, While a Chinese sourcing directory may seem to hold an easy solution like by submitting a request and you start receiving quotations but may get you nothing more than an automated response. Finding a Chinese supplier is one thing. Finding a reliable supplier is another.

If you want to import products from China you will need the services we offer.

Here are a few good reasons why

Services that we provide
1. We have more than 7 years’ of experience in sourcing products in China.
2. Our main operations office is in the heart of the industrial China. Nearly 38% of all exports from China come from within a radius of 200 miles from our office.
3. Custom manufacture and source any durable goods from China based on your requirements
4. Identify and match Chinese Manufacturers to your specific quality requirements
5. Conduct on-site Factory Inspects to confirm their existence and capabilities
6. Negotiate favorable pricing and terms on your behalf at Chinese factories directly
7. We can negotiate with these suppliers to achieve the best price/quality ratio possible
8. Nothing gets lost in translation! We communicate every detail in Chinese on your behalf! Our Chinese staff is Multi lingual (English, Mandarin & Cantonese). In order to communicate better with the proposed suppliers.
9. Perform on-site Quality Control & Factory Inspections to ensure quality consistency
10. Do custom package and custom label to prevent damages during transit
11. Lower your shipping costs by optimizing shipping logistics in China
12. Offer complete Supply Chain Management services in China
13. Product development and engineering
14. Rapid prototyping
15. Process and manufacturing development in China